Ingenico has launched the Elite 790 Point of Sale terminal in Canada. The Elite 790 will operate on the industry-leading Rogers AT&T Wireless, integrated, digital wireless voice and data network - GSM/GPRS. Ingenico's Elite 790 is a state-of-the-art, wireless payment terminal suited to today's mobile economy. Delivery services, sports stadiums, door-to-door sales, taxis, golf courses, and temporary markets such as farmer's markets and flea markets will all benefit from the enhanced wireless features built-in the Elite 790.

The Elite 790 is the most advanced wireless payment terminal being marketed today. The Elite 790 is a dual band GSM/GPRS modem that operates on the Rogers AT&T Wireless GSM/GPRS network. The Elite 790 offers a built-in WAP browser, large graphical display and built in thermal printer. Additional features include a toggle switch for rapid navigation and browsing of terminal applications, and an optional earbud that enables the unit to operate as a wireless phone on the Rogers AT&T Wireless GSM/GPRS network.

"Ingenico has been leading the world in secure transaction terminals for the past several years. The Elite 790 brings many unique and advantageous features to customers, and when coupled with the Rogers AT&T Wireless GSM/GPRS network, businesses across Canada will enjoy one of the most successful mobile payment solutions on the market," said Geoff Bowen, Executive Vice President, General Manager, Ingenico Canada Ltd.

"Rogers AT&T Wireless is dedicated to providing the best of breed wireless products, services and applications in the industry," said Mansell Nelson, Vice President and General Manager, Interactive Mobile Services, Rogers AT&T Wireless. "The Elite 790 from Ingenico represents one of the most feature-rich terminals in its space with high speed, always-on GSM/GPRS wireless access. We are excited to provide Rogers AT&T Wireless customers with increased freedom and flexibility to conduct business in more places across the country than any other wireless provider in Canada."

As with all Ingenico Elite terminals, the Elite 790 utilizes Ingenico's UNICAPT application architecture. UNICAPT is a unique application development environment that adds significant benefits to the terminal owner. UNICAPT allows programmers to quickly and easily program all products in the Elite terminal family. Applications written for one Elite terminal can be easily used to develop an application for an entirely different Elite terminal. This feature speeds time to market while reducing application development and support costs. In addition, UNICAPT provides a secure and safe way of placing multiple applications on a single terminal, resulting in minimal effort to certify or re-certify existing applications that already reside on the terminal.