PrimeTrex is the Industry's most cost-effective terminal.  Its low cost is just the beginning.  PrimeTrex' ownership benefits also include reduced user training with its easy to learn, intuitive ATM-style interface.  TechTrex' remote software management capabilities allow for fast, easy downloads.   LCD soft keys and hotkeys provide one-touch access to functions.  PrimeTrex boasts an integrated, high-speed (22 line per second) thermal printer.  Our clam shell design allows paper rolls to be dropped in place without feeding through slots & rollers; simply and easily.  Economic, compact and stylish design won’t clutter valuable counter space. Comes standard with 2 separate hardware memory chips (upgradeable to 3) for complete application separation. Multi-application capable. 

Save Cash with Prime Trex’s Low Overall Cost!

  • Savings benefits include reduced user training with intuitive ATM-style interface
  • Low overcall cost of ownership due to reliability, ease of operation, and TechTrex’s Remote Software Management, Fast and easy upgrades of existing applications.

Easy-to-use, & Compact.

  • Programmable LCD softkeys and hotkeys provide one-touch access to functions.
  • Integrated, High-speed, Thermal Printer with our Clam Shell design which allows paper rolls to be dropped in place without feeding trough slots & rollers simply and easily.
  • Economic, compact, and stylish design won’t clutter valuable counter space.
  • Comes standard with  9 separate hardware memory chips that’s upgradeable to 3. Multi Application capable.

Prime Trex Specifications

  16-bit CISC processor
Real Time Clock (RTC)
  RTC has power backup for data retention    while the external power is turned off
Magnetic Stripe Card Reader (MSR)
  ISO MSR will read Tracks 1-2 with option of track 3. JIS MSR is bi-directional and it will read Track 1.
  Graphical LCD with resolution 128 x 64

Software programmable. Integrated LED backlight.

  Integrated Multi-tone Speaker.
Full Graphic Terminal Printer
  - Clam Shell Design
- Number of dots per line: 384 Dots
- Printing width: 58mm
- Paper width: 58mm
- Paper diameter: 2 ¼ inch
- Printing speed: 22+ lines per second
Communication Options

Prime Trex supports multiple communication ports:
- 1 RS232 ports
- Wired dial up modem 14400 bps – V.21, V.22, V.22bis, V23, V.32, V.32bis, Bell 103 and Bell 212.
- Supports both Synchronous and Asynchronous.

  AC/DC power adapter, external, 100-240V
Environmental Specifications
  - Operating Temperature 0 C to 40 C
- Operating Humidity 10% to 90% non-condensing
Hardware Warranty
  1 Year
Size (L x W x H)
  224mm x 138mm x 82mm

TechTrex introduces the PinTrex S200, the most cost-effective secure PIN entry device for electronic payment applications. Integrate PinTrex with our PrimeTrex POS terminals, other POS terminals, (ECR’s) and PC based POS systems. PinTrex can be used for upgrading and replacement of existing PINpads and POS systems to Triple DES security specification. PinTrex has a large 122 x 32 pixel backlit screen for easy reading in all situations. It is equipped with programmable function keys for many uses such as accounts and tip functions. The user has a choice of an optional Magnetic Card Reader with Triple Track data reading capability. This versatile PINpads is also capable of RS232 and communications. For richer applications it also comes with 512K SRAM.

Tech Trex is proud to introduce the PIN Trex S200 the newest and most cost-effective Secure PIN EntryDevice for electronic payment applications.

Wheter your PIN pad needs are for:
- Integration with our Prime Trex POS terminals,
- Other POS terminals,
- Electronic Cahs Registers (ECR's)
- PC based POS systems
- For upgrating and replacement of existing PIN pads and POS systems to Triple DES security specifications.

The flexibility and cost effectiveness of PINTrex makes this decision the smart choice.

Certified by FCC - Part 15, Industry Canada - ICS 03 and Interac

Large 122 x 32 Pixel Backlit screen for easy reading in all situations

Programmable Function Keys for many uses such as Accounts and Tip functions.

Optional Magnetic Card Reader with Triple Track data reading capability

Meets ISO 7816-1/2/3 standards for Secure Access Module (SAM) card interface

Capable of RS232 Communications

512 SRAM for even richer applications

Single and Triple DES Encryption

Expandable Application Program Interface (API) for integration with other POS Terminals, ECR's and PC Based Systems.


PinTrex Specifications

  RS-232C, RxD, TxD, GND
Power Supply
  From Terminal through RJ 1 1/RJ45 Cable
Baud Rate
  4800 bps
  178mm (L)x 79mm (W)x 36mm (H)
Surface Color
Operating Tempreture

0 - 50 C

Operating Humidity
  20% - 80%
Operating Voltage
Maximum Power Consumption


  ISO 7818 1/2/3, T=0 and T=1
Operating Current
  Max. 50mA
Short Circuit Current Project
  +5V / GND(all pins)
MCU card CLK frequency
  FCC, VCCI, IC, Interac