TIDEL 3600

In the ever-changing world of value added services you need an ATM platform that is capable of growing with you and providing the performance and features that this consumer driven market demands. Introducing the 3600. This value priced ATM system provides you with the industry leading features that you have come to expect from our 3400 model and combines them with an Intel XScale® Platform that allows for a variety of applications developed in Windows CE.

Standard features include a Intel XScale Processor running at 400 Mhz, 64 MB of on-board memory and a Compact Flash Card Port that allows for quicker transfer of data for upgrading system software, transaction graphics and electronic journals. The 3600 comes standard with the Tidel TCDM field expandable dispenser. The TCDM dispenser can be cost-effectively field upgraded as transaction volume grows at a location or additional applications are added such as check cashing.

Tidel has developed a complete sidecar solution for the 3600 if the need arises to expand the boundaries of the ATM. By adding peripherals such as bill validator components, money order capabilities or card dispensers, your ATM can become a financial Kiosk that brings convenience to your customers and additional revenue to your business.